Heath industry sector

Clinique Multidisciplinaire JABRANE:

  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Operational Audit
  • The implementation of the manual of procedures

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals:

  • Financial and Legal assistance for the implementation in the North Africa region
  • Consulting for establishments of the Group

Textile industry sector

Prestige Couture :

  • Implementation of cost and management accounting System
  • Reorganization and implementation of general management procedures

Blancatex :

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Establishment of the Engineering Training Needs

Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Ansamble :

  • Accounting assistance
  • Legal organization for the enterprise Implementations

Training and education sector

School of New Science and Engineering ENSI:

  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Operational Audit

Knowledge Bridge Center-KBC:

  • Animation of education’s conference in the field of accounting and Tax
  • Animation of conference in Management, Accounting and cash Management

Chemicals-Plastics industry

Roche Plastic :

  • Implementation of Management and cost accounting
  • Reorganization of the financial department
  • Financial accounting

Foodstuffs industry


  • Implementation of manual procedures
  • Implementation of Internal Audit
  • Clearance of accounts

Moroccan Food Processing (MFP):

  • Implementation of fixed asset Management


  • Implementation of ERP “Functional aspect”
  • Reorganization of the DAFCG

BTP industry sector

Moroccan Highway ADM:

  • Implementation of fixed asset Management

National Office of Airports ONDA:

  • Implementation of fixed asset Management


  • Contractual audit
  • Legal Audit


  • Contractual audit
  • Legal Auditing
  • Implementation of cost accounting
  • Clearance of accounts


  • Accountant Supervision
  • Consulting in Management and cost Accounting and IT


  • Legal, Fiscal and financial advisory’s for the Implantation in Morocco